Samsæri and Sublunar in Ljusdals-Posten (Swedish News Mag)

Samsæri and Sublunar in Ljusdals-Posten (Swedish News Mag)

Samsæri and Sublunar in Ljusdals-Posten (Swedish News Mag)

Premiere for Ljudstation (“Sound Station”) at Kulturkossan – New Stage for Narrow Music

Sound, noise and a body stocking. On Saturday the gallery Kulturkossan in Järvsö is occupied by two electronic acts and a record label. For those who want to listen to ambient and dark ambient or learn how to release music Ljudstation is worth visiting.

Ljudstation is a new concept which Maria Norén and Mårten Lärka at Kulturkossan have created in order to give room for somewhat narrow music. Money has been allocated to them from Region Gävleborg, Bilda and Estrad Ljusdal in order to let selected acts, on different occasions, play music that is out of the ordinary.

– We sat and thought about what we miss, what isn’t represented in the region. So we came up with this engagement, since there isn’t any such stage in the whole region, says Maria Norén.

Brainshadow, or Niklas Rundquist, is one of the musicians that will play at Kulturkossan. His music is described as dark goth, similar to horror movie music. He doesn’t want to be defined relating to genres nor add great importance to himself, which explains why he performs in a body stocking.

Daniel Watson, or Samsæri, is creating electronic music where he mixes beats with classical instruments. His performances is also combined with his video art on a large screen.

Maria Norén hopes that Ljudstation will arouse interest for narrow music and that the audience will be open for new impressions.

– It is somewhat unusual, this music is definitely narrow. But one must start somewhere. This is a mixture of sound and noise, but mostly sound, she says and laughs.

– That people are sitting in front of their computer and compose music is probably more common than one might think, says Maria Norén.

– And more people should take the chance to make something out of their music. The record labels are searching high and low for musicians within this genre, called ambient.

– After the concerts there will be a lecture with Peder Bjoerk and Marie Lundvall, who are operating a label, The Sublunar Society. They will have a workshop and tell what is needed in order to run a label.

– We hoped that Ljudstation will be a place for learning things, says Maria Norén.

Photo and article (in Swedish) by Madeleine Bengtsson.