Samsaeri Finally Release Their New Album “La Conspiration Noire”

Samsaeri Finally Release Their New Album "La Conspiration Noire"

Samsaeri Finally Release Their New Album “La Conspiration Noire”

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The album is out! Today, Samsæri released La Conspiration Noire – their cryptic, conceptual and filmic debut album.
Here Samsaeri explore new musical territories and internal landscapes, expanding their sound from their previous single releases.

La Conspiration Noire is available for download and streaming on all major streaming and download services.

Record label: The Sublunar Society.


The Final Entry
Daily Works
There Are No Mountains
The Discord
I Am Being Followed
Peeling Away Realities To Come To Know You
NYC Dreaming
Where The City Ends And I Begin
The Summary
7 Years

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Daniel Watson – Composition
Bianca – Voice & Keyboards
Rosz – Modular
Damien – Drums

Text by: Daniel Watson

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Daniel Watson

Video by: Daniel Watson.

© 2014, 2015. The Sublunar Society & Samsaeri

Record Label:
The Sublunar Society

The Talking Fern

Samsæri is the solo musical project of Daniel Watson along with other guest artists. He has worked previously with artists like Dr. Shinto, Sonar Eclipse and others. Founded in 2014 in Malta, it is an independent music project which also involves experiments with visual art.

Musically, Samsæri spans multiple genres from electronic, avant garde, experimental and classical interpretations. His way of programming sounds and beats, mixing classical instruments and electronic structures, is a characteristic of the Samsæri sound.

Current line up consists of Daniel Watson, Damien Shinto aka. Dr. Shinto (Greenland) (Drums), Rosz(Canada) (Voices, Modular Sounds) and Bianca(Island) (Voices, Sax and Vibraphone).

Samsaeri signed with the Swedish Label Sublunar Society to release a single and their debut album in late 2015.

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